Hey! My name is Jay and I live in Brisbane, Australia and I have decided to start this blog so I can raise awareness of the importance of industry and manufacturing. I am not a professional who works in this sector but my dad was the manager of a manufacturing plant for many years. When I was growing up, I would often visit him and see the men working on the machines below. It was a wonderful sight. Even though I didn't enter into the same profession as my dad, I have developed a keen interested in the sector. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Are you using the right tools for soil compacting?

10 December 2020
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Erecting a new building involves much more than simply turning up to the site and starting to build. Anyone who has had much involvement in construction knows that preparing the ground before you start building is perhaps, the most crucial stage of the operation. It doesn't matter how much effort you put into your building it is never going to last very long if you don't prepare the ground in advance. Read More …