Hey! My name is Jay and I live in Brisbane, Australia and I have decided to start this blog so I can raise awareness of the importance of industry and manufacturing. I am not a professional who works in this sector but my dad was the manager of a manufacturing plant for many years. When I was growing up, I would often visit him and see the men working on the machines below. It was a wonderful sight. Even though I didn't enter into the same profession as my dad, I have developed a keen interested in the sector. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Some tips on how to store and use formatubes

15 May 2023
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Formatubes are a simple and efficient way of making concrete columns. They are cardboard tubes into which concrete can be poured, allowing you to build your columns in situ. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your formatubes. Keep the tubes dry The first thing to remember is that you should keep your formatubes dry until you need them. Damp formatubes can cause two problems. Firstly, they can lose their strength and may not keep their shape when you pour in the concrete, leading to a misshapen column. Read More …

The Benefits Of Steel Fabrication

23 January 2023
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One of the most significant materials in the industrial and manufacturing sector is steel. You can combine it with carbon and other metals to achieve a metallic alloy that addresses the needs of your project. Steel is a widely-used material, making it accessible for most fabricators. This piece discusses some significant advantages of steel fabrication.  Durable Steel fabrications are more durable than products made of most materials. For example, you can pick a steel grade that explicitly addresses your application. Read More …

FAQs About Traction Springs: Everything You Need to Know

12 October 2022
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Traction springs are a gray area for many people. They know they need them, but they don't really know what they are or how they work. This post will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about traction springs so you can be an informed consumer. What Are Traction Springs? Traction springs are a type of spring used to provide traction or grip on a surface. They are typically made from steel and can be found in various industries, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing. Read More …

Three Things That Can Disrupt Efficient Pulley Operation

22 June 2022
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Belt pulleys need to work smoothly, or they can end up jamming and failing. While basic pulley operation is very simple, most pulley assemblies have a multitude of parts that can all have something go wrong with them. When you have belt pulleys, you need to treat them as a critical part of your equipment and inspect them often. It doesn't take much to make a belt go off-center; even ones manufactured to work in extreme conditions have their limits. Read More …

Two Tips to Follow When Ordering New Commercial Kitchen Equipment

20 April 2022
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Here are two tips to follow when ordering new commercial kitchen equipment. Consider having a custom-made fridge manufactured Whilst there are plenty of high-quality commercial fridges available, it might be worth having a custom one manufactured for your kitchen. This would allow you to have one that has every single feature your particular kitchen requires. For example, if you run a restaurant that specialises in omelettes and this is one of your most popular dishes, you probably need to store large quantities of eggs in your fridge. Read More …