Hey! My name is Jay and I live in Brisbane, Australia and I have decided to start this blog so I can raise awareness of the importance of industry and manufacturing. I am not a professional who works in this sector but my dad was the manager of a manufacturing plant for many years. When I was growing up, I would often visit him and see the men working on the machines below. It was a wonderful sight. Even though I didn't enter into the same profession as my dad, I have developed a keen interested in the sector. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Is your soil making your cables overheat?

3 October 2018
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Are you having problems with your electrical cables failing? Do you find that cables buried in your land have a shorter lifespan than you would expect? Have you just had a catastrophic electrical failure caused by overheating cables? If any of these situations describe what you are experiencing, then there could be a problem with thermal conductivity. Soil has much more of effect on your cables than you might think. Read More …

3 Reasons Why Industrial Facility Managers Should Use Remote Operated Vehicles for Water Tank Inspections

12 June 2018
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Water is getting scarce, which has resulted in the growth of competition between industrial water use and human consumption. However, businesses are taking it upon themselves to change the current state of affairs, for instance, by looking for alternative sources of water so that business activities are not affected. Trapping and storing rainwater in sizeable underground water tanks is one way that industrial facilities are tackling water scarcity. However, to benefit from stored rainwater, regular water tank inspections are mandatory. Read More …

Two reasons to keep the roof of your industrial facility in good condition

8 May 2018
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It is extremely important to ensure that the roof of your industrial facility is kept in good condition. Read on to find out why. To prevent the cold air that emerges from your HVAC system from escaping Most industrial facilities have commercial-grade HVAC systems, which ensure that the temperatures inside them remain at safe and comfortable levels, even in instances where a facility has a lot of heat-producing machinery. However, if your facility's roof has multiple holes, the cold air that emerges from your HVAC system will end up escaping through these openings. Read More …

Laser Cutting: Three Essential Tips for Engraving Wood

17 April 2018
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If you are planning on engraving wood for decorative or functional purposes, you should hire professional laser cutting services for assistance. In general, wood is a durable material with great aesthetic appeal. These properties make it a perfect choice for numerous fabrication projects. Unfortunately, the material is also prone to damage, especially when exposed to adverse conditions such as laser heat. With an experienced technician, you can avoid damaging your materials and minimising costs. Read More …

Installation considerations for water tanks

23 March 2018
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Water tanks play an important role in collecting water for domestic use. With the uncertainty of climate change and the constant depletion of natural water sources, it's important for Australians to ensure their water security by installing water tanks on their premises. Water tanks ensure a regular supply of water even when the main supply lines need to undergo repairs. You will also find that they come in handy when extra water is required for emergency purposes such as fire fighting and drought relief. Read More …