Two reasons to keep the roof of your industrial facility in good condition

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Two reasons to keep the roof of your industrial facility in good condition

8 May 2018
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It is extremely important to ensure that the roof of your industrial facility is kept in good condition. Read on to find out why.

To prevent the cold air that emerges from your HVAC system from escaping

Most industrial facilities have commercial-grade HVAC systems, which ensure that the temperatures inside them remain at safe and comfortable levels, even in instances where a facility has a lot of heat-producing machinery.

However, if your facility's roof has multiple holes, the cold air that emerges from your HVAC system will end up escaping through these openings.

This could have serious consequences for your industrial enterprise. For example, if as a result of the cold air escaping, the indoor temperatures climb very high, your employees may become extremely drowsy. If they start to experience this drowsiness whilst they are handling hazardous materials or operating a piece of powerful equipment (such as a welder or a forklift, for example), they could accidentally hurt themselves or another employee.

Additionally, if your facility manufactures perishable goods (such as food or temperature-sensitive medication), the rise in temperature could also affect the safety and quality of these products which could, in turn, affect the health of your customers who eventually consume these goods.

As such, it is critical to inspect your facility's roof on a regular basis and to have any holes that you discover during these inspections repaired as quickly as possible.

To prevent water damage

If the roofing materials from which your facility's roof are made sustain damage, there is a chance that rainwater may leak through any openings in this structure.

This could cause major problems for your business. It could, for example, lead to water dripping onto your expensive electrical machinery; if this should happen, not only could this machinery break down but it could also put any employees who operate it at risk of electrocution.

Furthermore, rainwater dripping down from the roof onto the floors of your facility could increase the risk of your employees falling and hurting themselves whilst they are walking around the building, as wet floors can be extremely slippery.

Additionally, if rainwater seeps onto your facility's finished products, it could damage them (as water can encourage the growth of mould, can destroy any paper-based products and cause wood decay fungi to develop on wooden items).

Give this, if you want to keep your employees safe, and your machinery and products in good condition, it is vital to ensure that your roof is well-maintained.