Perfect Powder: The Benefits Of Powder Coating Your Metal Roofing

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Perfect Powder: The Benefits Of Powder Coating Your Metal Roofing

24 July 2017
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Metal roofing was once limited to storage sheds and utilitarian commercial buildings, but the practical benefits of modern metal roofing are seeing it installed on more and more residential properties every year. With the many advantages metal roofing can bring, it's easy to see why, with its durability, wind resistance and ease of fitting making it highly prized.

However, metal roofing does have one big problem to contend with -- rust. Without protection metal roofing will invariably fall victim to corrosion as a result of moisture, so some kind of protective coating is required to keep it protected. There are many types of metal roof coatings available for these purposes -- however, few match the effectiveness of powder coating. Here are just some of the ways choosing powder coated metal roofing, or having your existing metal roofing powder coated, and benefit both your roofing and your home as a whole:


Naturally, any form of rustproof coating has to do a good job of protecting the vulnerable metal from moisture and inclement weather, and powder coatings perform this task admirably. Powder coatings are far thicker than galvanized coatings or rustproof paints, and will provide your roofing with many years of superlative rust protection with a minimum of maintenance and upkeep required.


Powder coatings are applied in an unusual way, with the coating being applied to the roofing in dry powder form before being 'baked' in large kilns to set it in place. This unique coating method makes powder coatings incredibly durable, and the best powder coatings are capable of shrugging off falling tree branches, roof tiles and other hazards without the coating becoming chipped or cracked and losing its effectiveness. Powder coatings are also resistant to damage from intense sunlight, which can cause some other coatings to perish prematurely.


Once applied, even a thin powder coating bonded to your roof metal can last years of even decades under the most ferocious weather conditioners. It tends to have a far longer usable life than either galvanized coatings or rustproof paints, and will not require regular re-coating to remain effective.


Powder coatings are available in a surprisingly wide array of colours and shades that almost rivals the range offered by conventional roof paints. You should therefore have no trouble finding a coating colour that will fit into the overall design aesthetic of your home, and a well-applied powder coating can look far more attractive and less utilitarian than leaving the bare metal on display.

Environmentally friendly

The process of powder coating a metal roofing slat is a surprisingly environmentally friendly one -- no solvents are used to create the coating or bond it to the metal, and the entire coating process produces no hazard byproducts or volatile organic compounds.