Custom-Designed and Manufactured Stainless Steel Appliances and Products Are Both Functional and Versatile

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Custom-Designed and Manufactured Stainless Steel Appliances and Products Are Both Functional and Versatile

13 September 2017
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There is a broad range of custom-designed and manufactured stainless steel products available to suit a variety of different applications. Whether for residential or commercial use, stainless manufacturing enables items to be fabricated using a range of materials and selected finishes to suit any space and design. Stainless appliances and products are not only versatile, they are durable, easy to clean, and help to improve both the look and functionality of many modern kitchens and outdoor settings.

Stainless steel products can be made to order and installed for use in a large range of different applications for residential, commercial or public premises, including shopping centres, cafes, schools, hospitals, hotels, parks and other communal facilities.  Some of the custom, stainless products that are available to order include:

  • Bars. The range of styles available for bars are many and varied. The high-quality finish includes hidden welding joints, while different materials can be incorporated into the design, including wood, glass and granite, to name a few. Custom stainless bars can be made not only for indoor bars but for outdoor and mobile bars as well.
  • Benches. Just as for stainless bars, stainless benches can be made using a mix of different materials, adding a real touch of class and making great centre pieces. The same high-quality, clean finishes not only look great but are easy to clean, too.
  • Range hoods. Both functional and stylish, custom designed range hoods can be fabricated and fitted to suit any range or oven, helping to direct exhaust, heat and moisture away from the kitchen area.
  • BBQs. Design ideas for both indoor and outdoor BBQs or pizza kitchens are limited only by the imagination. All BBQ products are custom built to quality standards and high attention to detail and will make any patio or backyard the place to be.
  • Fridges and chillers. As well as refrigerators and freezers, manufacturers of stainless steel products can make and install chillers, blast freezers, under the counter units and back bars, with a selection of different tops and doors available to choose from.
  • Residential and commercial kitchens. Why not go all out and refurbish or fit out a new kitchen with stainless? Food preparation bench tops and bars, sinks and cooking appliances, dishwashers, fridges, and shelving - all of these products and more can be custom made to order to suit any kitchen.
  • Column protection and panelling. These not only protect against wear, they also save on maintenance costs. They can be made to a variety of different shapes and designed with or without reveals.
  • Handrails and balustrades. Not only safe and functional, these can be custom designed using stainless steel wires, rods or balusters, and can be made using a mix of different materials.
  • Signage. Custom stainless signs make any business or organisation look good, while also offering the ease of maintenance and durability of stainless steel products.