3 Ways TPV and TPE Injection Molding Can be Used in the Home

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3 Ways TPV and TPE Injection Molding Can be Used in the Home

28 December 2017
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If you are in the process of home building or remodeling, then you may be looking at ways to insulate your home in better ways that are recyclable. One way to meet both of those goals is to use TPV & TPE injection options. If you aren't sure how this can be used in your home, or where, here are a few options. These three ways can be easily used throughout your home and put in by a certified contractor or remodeling contractor.

Window Frames

One of the most common ways to use TPV and TPE in your home is in your window frames. In many cases, the materials are already injected into window frames and ready to install. If you have custom window frames built for vintage or reclaimed windows, then you can request that the material used for insulation is TPV and TPE. Keep in mind, not all companies or contractors may offer this option so you will need to ensure that it is used and what you need to know about any pricing adjustments for this material over a different material in its place.

Cement Repair

There are times when you will need to have cement repair done in a home build or remodeling. There could be cracks and breaks in the foundation, basement, or in the flooring of the home. If there is, a concrete contractor may offer to do an injection repair. What this means is that fill in the cracks with injection materials that will help prevent water damage, cracking, or breaking. The material that is used is generally TPV, TPE or a related product option. These materials have various advantages including high durability and resistant to water and mould.

Roof Insulation

You may find that roof insulation methods will also use a form or mixture of TPV and TPE. This method generally injects that material into the gaps along the walls or at corners and points where sealant is used to prevent air from leaking or entering into the roofline. This is especially true around roof fans and exhaust systems as well.

These are only three of the ways that TPV and TPE can be used throughout your home to help insulate. Keep in mind these materials are recyclable since they can be broken down and reinjected into a different mold or design to be used again. If you are ready to move forward with the use of either of these materials, contact your local contractor to discuss the options.