3 metal services that only a professional can carry out

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3 metal services that only a professional can carry out

9 January 2018
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Metal is such a part of the world, that it might be easy to forget just how technical it is to work with. There are so many factors in the design, installation, repair and replacement of metal. Whether you are looking to give your current metal work a new lease of life, have a completely new kitchen installed or completely renovate an office block, only a professional can carry out a large proportion of the work to a high enough standard.

Whether you are looking for commercial purposes or residential, here are three services which only a metal services professional can do.


While there are many types of home DIY project which let you have a go at welding at home, in an industrial setting this is much more than just using a torch to stick two pieces of metal back together. Welding is a highly technical services, which requires knowledge of heating points, electrical implications if the welding is part of a wider system, and being able to recommend the best bridging materials. Metal services companies will often be able to send a contractor out to your project site, so a professional is always within reach.

Metal finishing

Cutting and shaping metal is only half the job, metal services companies will also be able to properly finish the metal in a variety of ways, improving both the appearance and durability of your metalwork. Common types of finish include zinc plating, for a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing option and powder painting, if you require a particular colour on your project.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is definitely one that only professional metal services companies can do. Cutting metal to precise measurement requires the use of lasers to correctly finish the edges and cut to the nearest mm (or even closer sometimes), however this involves expensive equipment and a lot of training to master. Metal services companies will have decades of experience in this field, and be geared up to cut through almost any depth of metal, and so be able to get the job done, much better than giving it a go yourself with a saw!

Modelling and computer generation

Metal work is complicated, and envisaging how a kitchen, work area or factory environment will look before you start cutting used to be very difficult. However, today's metal services companies are set up with the latest technology to help you build 3D models of your projects, without having to lift a finger. This can help you refine your plans, and they will be able to use their prior experience to help work around any potential issues you may have in the design stage.