The Benefits of Powder Coating for Steel Products

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The Benefits of Powder Coating for Steel Products

9 April 2021
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Have you thought about what finish to give your steelwork? Finishing is the final step in the steel fabrication process. It is primarily used to provide environmental protection for steel products, but it can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of the final products.

There is an extensive range of finishing options that are available for steelwork. Each finish type has unique pros and cons that should be carefully considered in determining the best finish for a steel fabrication project.

These days, powder coating has become a popular choice of finish for steelwork that traditionally required a paint job. This trend can be directly linked to the many great advantages that powder-coated finishes provide over conventional wet paint.

Continue reading to acquaint yourself with the benefits associated with powder coating steel products.

Powder coating lasts longer than wet paint

The application of a powder coating to steel surfaces results in a thick, dense finish that is more resistant to scratching, chipping and other forms of wear than conventional paint. Powder coating comes out on top in terms of durability because of the electrostatic application and thermal bonding process.

Powder coating is a time-saving finishing process

Unlike wet paint, which often requires multiple coats to achieve a beautiful and uniform finish, powder coating typically only requires a single coat. For this reason, powder coating can lead to shorter production lead time.

Powder coating requires less maintenance than traditional paint

Because it offers more resistance to the elements, powder coating doesn't need to be touched up like painted surfaces to ensure the structural integrity of the underlying steel. All you need to do to keep your steel structures looking great is to clean them regularly with non-abrasive cleaning supplies.

Powder coating can be made to look attractive

In steel fabrication applications where aesthetics are a major concern, it's important to choose a finish type that will give the appearance you want. Like conventional paint, the powder used in applying powder coating finishes to steel products is available in a wide range of standard and custom colours. This makes it possible to give your steel products the exact look you desire.

The successful treatment of steel surfaces with powder coating requires painstaking attention to detail. Even the slightest nonadherence to the powder manufacturer's instructions can lead to a suboptimal surface treatment result. For this reason, you should let an approved steel fabricator do the work.