3 Ways Screw Pile Systems Reduce Your Construction Costs

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3 Ways Screw Pile Systems Reduce Your Construction Costs

25 August 2021
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While your build's foundations need to be strong and stable, you also need to think about cost. You don't want to spend money unnecessarily here. That said, a screw pile solution could be a perfect fit for your project. These piles create solid foundations in even difficult ground. They are quick to install and a lot more cost-effective than other options. How do screw piles save you money?

1. Excavation and Removal Savings

If you install concrete piles, then you need to remove earth from the ground to create a space for each pile. Once you've created holes in the ground, then you can set the pile up and pour in the concrete. However, once you've constructed your piles, you're left with excavated soil. This soil doesn't go back into the ground; the piles take up its space. So, you'll have to pay excavation and soil removal costs during this part of your build.

If you use screw piles, then you don't excavate. The piles screw straight into the ground and displace the soil down and to their sides. As such, you save on excavation costs and you don't have to pay to have excess soil taken away.

2. Equipment and Labour Savings

If you install bored piles, then you might need to hire or buy various pieces of equipment, machines and attachments. Plus, you potentially need more manpower during these jobs.

For example, you might need to use piling rigs, augurs and dig buckets. If you'll pour concrete piles on site after your initial excavation, then you need a mixer and supplies. You need more workers available to deal with the different parts of this job.

The more equipment and people you use on your piling, the more expensive this part of the build becomes. Screw pile systems don't use a lot of machines or equipment, which means they don't need a large crew, and their installation speed keeps labour costs down.

3. Time Savings

Time is money on any construction project. To keep things cost-effective, you need to work at optimum speed to the schedule that you set. Unfortunately, problems that delay any part of your project could have a financial cost. For example, if you are pouring concrete piles and it starts to rain heavily, then your crew might have to stop work for the day. This puts you behind schedule. In addition, you also have to pay your crew for the extra day it took to do the job.

Screw piles are quick to install and ready to use immediately. Their installation isn't weather-dependent. So, you'll get a quicker build without delays.

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