Two Tips to Follow When Ordering New Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Two Tips to Follow When Ordering New Commercial Kitchen Equipment

20 April 2022
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Here are two tips to follow when ordering new commercial kitchen equipment.

Consider having a custom-made fridge manufactured

Whilst there are plenty of high-quality commercial fridges available, it might be worth having a custom one manufactured for your kitchen. This would allow you to have one that has every single feature your particular kitchen requires. For example, if you run a restaurant that specialises in omelettes and this is one of your most popular dishes, you probably need to store large quantities of eggs in your fridge.

Whilst a mass-made commercial fridge might feature an egg storage holder that can hold, for example, three dozen eggs, you could have one made that can hold the 100 eggs that your kitchen staff go through each day when making omelettes. This would mean your staff wouldn't have to overfill the fridge's egg holders or put the surplus eggs in separate storage containers on the fridge's shelves. This might, in turn, reduce the number of eggs that break and end up making a mess inside the fridge that the staff have to clean.

Similarly, if your business serves a lot of smoothies, salads and soups made from fresh fruits and vegetables, you might benefit from having a fridge that features a greater number of salad drawers in it than the average commercial fridge contains. This would help your staff to keep the fridge organised and ensure they are never tempted to stuff, for example, the surplus lettuce into another drawer in the fridge that contains raw meat, just because they have nowhere else to put it.

Consult your head chef and other kitchen staff before ordering equipment

Before you purchase any commercial kitchen equipment, you should discuss the equipment you're thinking about getting with the head chef and other long-term kitchen staff. The reason for this is that they'll be the ones who use this equipment each day and so they may have a better understanding of what equipment would be most useful in helping them to prepare food consistently, quickly and to a high standard.

For example, if you've been thinking about replacing your kitchen's relatively small chest freezer with a custom-made walk-in one that will enable your chef to prep and freeze large numbers of popular dishes ahead of time, your chef might point out that if you want to do this, you may also need to order one or two commercial microwaves so that they'll be able to defrost these frozen portions of food quickly when customers order them.