Hey! My name is Jay and I live in Brisbane, Australia and I have decided to start this blog so I can raise awareness of the importance of industry and manufacturing. I am not a professional who works in this sector but my dad was the manager of a manufacturing plant for many years. When I was growing up, I would often visit him and see the men working on the machines below. It was a wonderful sight. Even though I didn't enter into the same profession as my dad, I have developed a keen interested in the sector. I hope you enjoy my blog.

How Proper Training Is Essential Before Vibrating Concrete

27 November 2017
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Poured concrete can contain large amounts of trapped air which reduce the density of the concrete making it weaker and more permeable. If the concrete is left in this state, it will lack durability in service and will need to be replaced before long. Concrete vibration plates are a common way of solving this problem by removing the air trapped in freshly poured concrete. How is trapped air removed from poured concrete? Read More …

Reasons to Employ an Environmental Engineer in your Small-Sized Textile Mill

9 November 2017
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As your small-sized textile mill continues to grow, you should expect an increase in waste, especially in the form of wastewater and dyes. The increase in waste is attributed to a rise in the demand for textile products. In light of these developments, it is essential to hire an environmental engineer because such professionals have the expertise to help your textile mill to use resources efficiently while taking care of the environment. Read More …

How Can You Best Get Rid of Groundwater at Your Construction Site?

24 October 2017
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If you have a major excavation project on the books but haven't been involved in this type of activity before, then you will be looking at the practicality of the job and identifying what you will find below. Of course, you'll want to know whether there are any utility lines or other hardware through the site, but you also need to be aware of underground water. Even though you may live in an arid part of the country, it's likely that there is groundwater to a certain extent. Read More …

Custom-Designed and Manufactured Stainless Steel Appliances and Products Are Both Functional and Versatile

13 September 2017
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There is a broad range of custom-designed and manufactured stainless steel products available to suit a variety of different applications. Whether for residential or commercial use, stainless manufacturing enables items to be fabricated using a range of materials and selected finishes to suit any space and design. Stainless appliances and products are not only versatile, they are durable, easy to clean, and help to improve both the look and functionality of many modern kitchens and outdoor settings. Stainless steel products can be made to order and installed for use in a large range of different applications for residential, commercial or public premises, including shopping centres, cafes, schools, hospitals, hotels, parks and other communal facilities. Read More …

Why Formatubes are Best for Wet Season Construction

17 August 2017
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If you're orchestrating the construction of a home or building in one of the tropical or subtropical regions of Australia, it's important to keep seasonal weather in mind. These parts of the country have a six-month wet season from November to March which brings high humidity, heavy rainfall, and flooding. Ideally, construction work should take place during the dry season, but avoiding the monsoon weather isn't always possible. If your construction will be taking place during the wet time-frame and your building will feature concrete columns, using formatubes can be a big help. Read More …